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Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messenger's Cap Badge, c1915.

Around 1880, the company began to issue cap badges to various employees that came into daily contact with customers. These Agents, Drivers, Messengers, Porters, and Transfer Clerks received unique numbers, which forever identified them to the company, and to the public. Therefore, the lower the number, the earlier the date of issue.

Messenger 2510's number also appeared on his Messenger's (wax) Seal, his Treasure Box Key, his Coin Bag Seal, and his Lead & Wire Seal. All of the business transacted for the company with number "2510" pointed to him, and it had better be right, or he was "called upon the carpet!"

Note the presence of the two brass paper fasteners. The two clips on the back of the badge were too flimsy to support the daily wear and tear, so it was common practice for the Messengers to punch holes in the badge, and affix paper fasteners thru the cap badge, and into the cap.

Made of embossed steel, this cap badge is in great condition. It measures 3-7/8" x 1-3/4", and shows the minor wear and tear of long, honorable, and faithful service of Messenger 2510. His identity is lost to history, but his legacy remains with us in the presence of this cap badge.
$ 650 or best offer. Cap and Wax Sealer NOT included!

Wells Fargo & Co. Coin Bag, c1880.

Very few collectors have ever seen these oversize coin bags, much less owned one. It is a perfect addition to your treasure box and shot gun display.

Also, this particular coin bag is not shown in “Company Property . . .”, since it had not surfaced at the time of publication. The "C" stands for "Coin," and the numbers were used to identify the shipment on a waybill.

Made of heavy canvas, it is in great condition and measures 10" x 16", capable of holding $1,000 face value of silver coins.
$ 1,950 or best offer.

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Service Button, c1915. These colorful five-year Service Buttons were issued to employees between 1915 and 1918. Perfect for your coat lapel, especially if you happen to be working for Wells Fargo Bank for five or more years.

The button is hallmarked, "C.A. Winship, Masonic Temple, Chicago". It feaures a threaded post, with a round threaded nut, to affix it to the coat lapel buttonhole.

A gold bezel, available at most coin shops, can convert this service button into an attractive piece of jewelry for a lady. Enameled brass, about the size of a U.S. dime.
$175 or best offer.

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messenger Magazines. This magazine was the “house organ” for the company during its final years. These issues were published monthly from September, 1912 through August, 1916 and are in near-mint condition. These two blue-grey binders and a June, 1918 issue (also included) are pictured in “Company Property . . .” on page 89. Each turn of a page reveals a wealth of information about the company and the property items that it used. For example, on page 1 of the first issue, the Semi-Centennial Medal is pictured and described. The magazines’ pages revealed dozens of property items for “Company Property . . .” Discover all of them yourself, and perhaps a few that we missed! Forty-nine issues total.
$400 or best offer.

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Christmas Address Labels.

Between 1912 and 1918, the company’s Gift-Postcard would be mailed to announce that a gift was on its way via Wells Fargo. Then, the Wells Fargo driver would deliver the gift, wrapped with Christmas labels and “Do Not Open Pasters,” much like FedEx and UPS drivers do today! Five in all, these labels were offered to customers free of charge. One "Do Not Open Paster" is included.
$50 for the lot or best offer.

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Christmas Gift Cards and Address Labels.

Christmas was a busy time for Wells Fargo. These Christmas Gift Cards were offered to customers free of charge. Even to this day, Wells Fargo’s Christmas cards and labels can be used to “dress up” a gift to a fellow-collector or Western-history fan. Some of these are the ones pictured in the "Company Property ... " book.
$20 each.

Vegetable Crate Label. These labels were used by Wells Fargo & Co. of Arizona, a subsidiary of the main company that was NOT consolidated into the American Railway Express Company in 1918. Probably used in the 1940’s. Very rare -- only one known to exist. Note the adaptation of the Call Card logo. This label is in mint condition, and it deserves to be professionally mounted, framed, and added to an exquisite Wells Fargo collection. This one is shown in "Company Property . . ." on page 149, and in "Wells Fargo - - Images of America" by Dr. Robert J. Chandler, on page 103.
$150 or best offer.

Some information about Crate Labels:
The Ultimate Fruit Label Book

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messengers Mexico City Guide Book

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messengers Mexico City Guide Book Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messengers Mexico City Guide Book Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messengers Mexico City Guide Book Wells Fargo & Co. Express Messengers Mexico City Guide Book

Wells Fargo & Co. Express Mexico City Guide Book.

Soft cover, circa 1937, this 96-page tourist guide offers sightseeing tours around Mexico City, describes the messengers' duties, and presents a fold-out map of the city's frescoes.

It is true that Wells Fargo & Co. Express discontinued its business in 1918. However, many people do not know that this famous express company continued to do business in Mexico until around 1937.

The book is in excellent condition. The front cover was separated from the guide book proper, but it has been re-attached. The exterior shows some wear, but the interior is pristine, and still a great guide to the tourist's Mexico City of 1937.

Provenance value! THIS IS THE ONE pictured in the book, Company Property,, on page 36.


"Wells Fargo & Co's Express" is the most romanticized company in the West.

Authentic "Wells Fargo"  antiques will always increase in value.
Fakes will always be junk.

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