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Fake Shot Gun
Fake Wells Fargo Shotgun What is WRONG with the Wells Fargo marking on this shot gun?

1. The company marking is on the WOOD STOCK!
Since the stock was easily replaced, the company did NOT mark the stocks.

2. "NO 12" means nothing.
Property numbers on shot guns were stamped or engraved into the steel.

3. Firearms were issued to AGENTS that needed them, not to "Guards," and not to specific places like "Tombstone".

Fake Magnifying Glass
Fake Wells Fargo Magnifying Glass What is WRONG with this item?

1. Just like UPS and FedEx today, the company was in the business of moving MONEY & PACKAGES.
Ask yourself: "Does UPS issue magnifying glasses to its couriers?" Answer: "NO!"
Neither did Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express.

2. "CO'S" is a possessive form in the English language. Why is the word, "Express" missing?
This is a very poor attempt at faking the company name.

Fake Stagecoach Map
Fake Wells Fargo Stagecoach Map Is this for real? -- Answer: NO!

1. In the late 1800's, maps were printed on paper, and not embossed on brass plates.

2. The "&" and "Express" are missing from the company name.

3. These so-called "Stagecoach maps" started surfacing in the 1970's.
The company stopped doing business in 1918.

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