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C. H. "Bill" Williams
Life and Times
of the Station Agent down at the Depot

Martinsburg Depot

The Village Depot, narrated by "Bill" Williams

For many years, C. H. "Bill" Williams was a Station Agent-Telegrapher for the Southern Pacific Co. at Beowawe, Nevada,
and then at Hornbrook, California. When he retired, he settled in San Leandro, California.

His love of being a Station Agent-Telegrapher inspired him to share his knowledge with his friends and
collectors. In the pamphlet, "The Village Depot," he leaves written instructions to the new, incoming Station Agent,
and gives him many pointers on how to succeed in the demanding duties of the job, a few of which are:

" . . . company living quarters is rent-free. They also furnish coal, and oil for lamps. . .

. . . The old clock on the wall is a good time-keeper, but has to be cocked slightly to the left for best results. . .

. . . Hilna is the operator at the telephone company. She is a real nice girl, and she's always ready to 'peddle old head' when she has the time. . .

. . . The postmaster always has the mail sack ready thirty minutes before the train is due. . .

. . . The winery gets a carload of barrels quite often, . . .

. . . As you go home, . . . cut the wire through your board to the next station. . .

. . . My sign is 'V', and I'll be at station 'BN' if you run into trouble. . . 73, V"

"Bill" also shared his relics with other collectors. He was seen at swap meets and collectors' shows, buying and
swapping old railroad depot collectibles.

* * * * *

Depot items For Sale: Train Order Case, and a Telegraph Sounder.

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