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Poem by Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson

The Man With The Face
Copyright 2022, by The Westbound Stage

I've walked the streets the wide world over
And noticed the faces that passed
But I saw a face, the face of a man
That will in my memory last.

It was late in the evening as I well remember
Yet the sun was still in the sky
It was the fall of the year of a wonderful year
When the man with the face came passing by.

I looked at him and couldn't believe
That such a man could ever exist
He gave a smile that warmed me through
A smile I found I couldn't resist.

His hair was parted in the center of his head
And hung to his shoulders a deep, rich red
His forehead was rounded and exceedingly high
And the blue of the heavens were no match for his eye.

His nose was straight and his skin like milk
Was smooth as smooth as the finest silk
His beard was the color of his fine red hair
And his mouth you could tell held goodness there

I started to speak but to my surprise
A lump in my throat began to rise
I looked at the people that were hurrying by
To see if they saw the look in his eye.

HE said not a word but somehow I knew
That here was a man that could help me and you.
I turned as he passed and waved a goodbye
He was going toward home, his home in the sky.

But maybe some day, the powers that be
Will shed a bit of the grace on me
And I'll follow him up, to his wonderful place
And I'll see once again, the man with the face.
                                                    (Dale Robertson)

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