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"Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express - Looking Back In Time "
Wells Fargo eBook

Many books have been written about Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express, the Pony Express, and other express companies.
      Most of these books deal with the history and the romance of the period.
           They provide us with a great deal of factual (and often conflicting) information, and certainly a full measure of nostalgia.
                Some of the better ones are listed and discussed here.

If you are a casual collector of Wells Fargo antiques, then consider this excellent e-Book, "LOOKING BACK IN TIME"
      To obtain a copy, Click Here.

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"Company Property of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, 1852-1918"
Company Property Book about Wells Fargo Collectibles

The value of reading these reference books is that it gives us a reservoir of knowledge, a "baseline,"
      with which we can appreciate the significance of a property item, and assess its relative importance in running the company's business.
           Without this basic knowledge, a letter, handwritten on the company's public letterhead and signed by one Charles E. Bowles,
                might foolishly be traded away for a common rate cutter or office seal.

If you are a serious collector of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express artifacts and relics, then YOU NEED "COMPANY PROPERTY ...!"
      To obtain a copy, Click Here.

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"Wells Fargo, An Illustrated History"
Wells Fargo, An Illustrated History

Sadly, many fine reference books are out of print and are difficult to find.
      Fortunately, some of these books are available on the internet, and at used bookstores from time to time.
A good reference book for you to consider: This book by Noel M. Loomis
There is perhaps no finer reference for the sheer abundance of facts and figures documented on a year-to-year basis.
      Any serious research of the company's express business would include reading Loomis.

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"The Parker Lyon - Harrah's Pony Express Museum"
The Parker Lyon book - Pony Express Museum

Perhaps there are those among us who style themselves to be "advanced" enthusiasts of Western artifacts.
      They should take a casual glance at Greg Martin's magnificent book.

Parker Lyon's awesome inventory, slowly revealed at each turn of a page, brings us to a profound appreciation and awe
      of the immensity of Lyon's achievements.

We close this book humbled, and we must grope with the sadness that the parade is indeed over.

Parker Lyon knew that it was over, and he also knew that he was merely picking up the trash in its wake.
      With what then, do we busy ourselves?

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"US West - The Saga of Wells Fargo"
US West - The Saga of Wells Fargo

For the cavalier who fancies himself an upscale romantic, and who appreciates the finery of the uppercrust,
      Beebe & Clegg's book has a flair for the fantasy and the romance.

Beebe & Clegg give us a sense of intrigue, and of being privy to confidential information, known only to readers and authors.
      This is an excellent companion reference to Loomis.

Beebe, ever keeping the center stage to himself, grudgingly refers to an unnamed Parker Lyon as an "aficionado."

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"Old West Antiques and Collectibles"
Old West, A book about Western Collectibles

This is one of the few books that was written strictly for collectors.
      The chapter on the express companies was written by the noted expert, Tom Martin.
           Finding a copy can be a problem, but try the link on this book-cover. Or, perhaps one will turn up for you at a Western gun show.

Enjoy then, this most excellent reading, and if we chance to meet, let us together lament the passing of the
      stagecoach, and the dust that passed with it.

Not the dust stirred up by the horses' hooves and the coaches' wheels, but the grains, the flakes, and the nuggets of gold.

Because of this dust, a company was born and prospered, and the hopes and aspirations of thousands of miners were scattered and lost,
      like the worthless grains of sand in the streams,
           and the dreams of only a scant few were made manifest.

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These additional works are highly recommended:

Integrity Amid Tumult, by Dr. Robert J. Chandler
Wells Fargo - We Never Forget, by Dr. Robert J. Chandler
Letters of Gold, by Jesse L. Coburn
Wells Fargo Detective - A Biography of James B. Hume, by Richard Dylan
Oregon Express Companies, by Dale E. Forster
Old Waybills, by Alvin Harlow
Wells Fargo - Advancing the American Frontier, by Edward Hungerford
The Expressmen - Time Life Books, by David Nevin
Truly Yours - Letters of Henry Wells, by Patricia Schumacher
History of the Express Business, by A. L. Stimson
Wells Fargo in Arizona Territory, by John & Lillian Theobald
The Pioneer Miner & Pack Mule Express, by Ernest A. Wiltsey
Express & Stagecoach Days in California, by Oscar O. Winther

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